Early Spring Cleaning etc

For the last few weeks Mum and I have been indulging in a bit of early spring cleaning. Together we managed to make order out of the chaos that my room and wardrobe had become during my last major RA flare, its amazing how these things get away on you. And today I decided it was time to tackle my scrapbook room which has got more than a little out of control and a bit of a dumping ground lately. this is how it looked this morning just after I started

july 001 and after hours of pulling nearly everything out and vacuuming, cleaning, dusting and sorted, this is how it looks now.

july 002

I still have some sorting to do, drawers to clean out and the shelves to clean and reorganise but at least now I have plenty of room to do it and Katie even has her own wee craft mat and seat (this photo was taken before I put the chairs back in) Katie helped me carry things to and fro and gave me her critical assessment of how it looked when I had finished (“it looks boutyful Mummy”). she also tested out my ink pads when I stopped for lunch lol…she didn’t do to much damage though and was so happy when I showed her that she had her own wee area and promptly sat down and started drawing. I need to sort out the purple drawers so I can give her a place to store all her art supplies, she’s mad on drawing and colouring and is starting to get into scrapbooking too…YAY!

In between sorting and restoring order I managed to squeeze in a quick call to my s.i.l in Aussie to see how she was and she tells me that her hubby, my brother, won’t let her get into scrapbooking because he reckons she has enough junk lol…well wait till I get over there at Christmas time…we will go shopping in Newcastle…they have a huge scrapbook shop there and its not far from where they live in Maitlands.

I had the weirdest experience on Thursday, I took Katie to the doctor, she has another ear infection, and when I came out I was getting her into the car when this man approached me and asked my name. I told him and he told me that Mum had told him I was there and he had some papers to serve on me. Of course I am thinking, what the hell have I done that would bring this about? and then he mentioned my ex hubbies name and it dawned on me, a breath of relief and then I could talk lol. He was serving the divorce papers on me lol. After almost 15 years of being separated my ex has finally got around to divorcing me lol, only because he is getting remarried in November. I never bothered, the only time I even thought about it was not long before Chris died and we had started to discuss marriage. So now I am going to be a gay divorcé, except I’m not gay lol…but you know what I mean lol.

anyway a very strange place to be served divorce papers huh? I did get a bit of a giggle from it though, especial when the guy asked if I would be object to the divorce and I burst out laughing. I don’t think he quite knew what to think.

that’s made me laugh all over again hehehe.

ok time to get missy ready for bed and have some ME time…yay I love me time when I have a clean scrapbook room to play in!

oppss before I forget, a photo of my new great niece, Keita, before I go. isn’t she beautiful? keitasLooks just like her mum did when she was born. Man being a great Auntie is making me feel old…time I had a talk to these nieces and nephews of mine and tell them to hold off on the offspring until I am a suitable age to be a great auntie. lol like their parents held off when they made me an auntie at 14. the joys of being the youngest of a big family I suppose.

have a good night


V xx



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