Isn’t she beautiful?


My wee great niece Harmony! She’s a wee darling, such a Mullen baby, she takes after our side of the family, right down to the big brown eyes and rather obvious ears lol. She even has the birthmark on the back of her head that all our babies have been born with for 4 generations! She is such a happy, content wee girl. She has a giggle that comes all the way from her toes. Just a wee enchantress!

It was, well, a weekend…Spending time with my S.I.L’s is great but my brothers drive me nuts. But that’s the joys of families right? It was good to see the kidsMarlon, Tayla is almost 15 and every time I see her she just gets prettier and more mature. And Marlon is a fab dad, he adores both his girls and their Mum too, its so good to see, he’s very young to have a family but he is handling it well and still managing to capture some of his teen years before they all disappear, he is only 17 after all, I couldn’t imagine either of my boys handling nearly as well as Marlon does, I am so proud of him.

On the way home we stopped in to see my cousin Shelly who lives on the other side of Nelson. She’s got a bit on her plate at the moment, Her dad is very sick and her Mum isn’t very well either (she has RA too) so Shelly is more than a little worried about them both. and to top it off Shelly’s birth mother turned up out of the blue, she has never met her before and doesn’t know if she should tell her parents now she has. poor thing!

Its strange, Shelly was adopted, her father was married to my aunty and they divorced year long before I was born but Uncle George has always been a huge part of our lives, he remarried and they has one child and adopted Shelly, who strangely enough looks a lot like me lol, we have been taken for sisters heaps of times lol. how weird is that?

well that was my weekend, we got home Sunday evening, Steve stayed home by himself for the first time and he cooked us a beautiful roast dinner! how good is he?

it was so good to get home, as much as it was good to get away for the weekend I do like my own bed and travelling is not great for the ol pain level!

anyway have a great Tuesday all…time for me to get moving, slowly…


V xx


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