What’s been going on

this week has been…well kinda weird really…last week as you may have read on an earlier post, Katie was sick, well this week it was Mum’s turn, then Steve’s and finally me and Dad’s…talk about share the joy lol. I only seem to have a mild dose of this cold but it hit poor Mum pretty hard, she was down for a few days and even went to the doctor voluntarily which has to be a first. We are all on the mend and that’s the main thing.

I have to share a few photos I have taken this week…first what I made this IMG_1672afternoon, finished just before dinner (home made fish and chips, with the yummiest fresh fish!) Katie loves it, which as just as well since I made it for her lol.

This project has only been six months in the making lol…it was a round to it sort of thing, I had the wooden K sitting in my “must do” box for ages and kept thinking I should do something with it…finally today I pulled it out and turned it around for a while, then finally just grabbed some paint and some funky pattern  paper and got to work, making it up as I went along lol, and this is what came out in the finish…and Katie tells me its bweatiful!

now two more photos of miss madam from the last few days…she makes me laugh so muchIMG_1664. the other night she decided to make a bed in the bottom of the hall cupboard, don’t ask me why, she was in there looking for one of her games and for reasons known only to her, she climbed into the bottom and decided that was her new cubby hole. when I went to get her for bed she informed me that she was sleeping there. so I got pillow and blanket off the shelf and gave them to her, then shut the door (at her instructions of course) thinking that she would last about 2 seconds in the dark….fat chance, she has no fear of the dark or enclosed spaces, it wasn’t until I suggested there maybe a mouse in there that she started to look a bit doubtful…then she starts calling to the supposed mouse “mousey, its me Katie, come down and sleep in my bed wev me”  It took a wee while to convince her that her own bed would be better, in the end it was the offer to read a few stories that made her willing give up her cupboard bed, after I pointed out that I couldn’t read her nightly stories while she was in the cupboard because it was to dark in there for me to see! lol. then before she went to sleep she asked if the mousey would be alright without her! There was no mouse…lest not that I know of lol…our darling puddy cat is far to efficient for that lol


And this photo was taken about half an hour ago, while Steve was off doing the dishes Katie decided to play Xbox live with her cousins in Aussie lol, her beloved Tatty (Tori) was online and she wanted to talk to him lol. She has been known to do this occasionally. Steve plays Xbox live with his friends and cousins most nights and Katie loves to “help” him. Tonight she snuck in and put on the headset and grabbed the control and started talking to Tori (who just happened to be offline at that time) “Tatty, it me Katie, come play at my house pease” lol Its so funny, Tori lived with us for a while about 2 years ago before he went back to Aussie, Katie was only about 18 months but she remembers her Tatty. She must have an amazing memory, and a mother who points him out in a photo so she doesn’t forget. She’s a lucky girl to have so many big cousins, 11 in all, ranging in age from 14 to 26 and 2 (almost 3) 2nd cousins close to her age.

Yes Katie is most often the subject of my photos, mainly because she’s so funny and Steve moans if I take his photo to often lol.

I have decided to branch out away from Scrapbooking a little, I want to try my hand at a few sewing projects, I want to have a go at making some of these

and a few of these, for Katie and my nieces
















and a few of these





















and one of these

for me, the owls for my bed and the strap for my camera. for some unknown reason winter always makes me what to branch out with my crafty stuff lol. I also want to have a go at quilting and knitting, neither of which I have tried before. So watch this space lol….I can but try these things

have a fab Friday night all…we are off to Blenheim tomorrow to see 2 of my big bro’s and sis in laws and baby Harmony who is now 6 months old and I still haven’t seen. Yay, I finally get to see the baby! watch out for pics next week 🙂

night night all


V xx


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