Happy B’day my baby boy

june 11 002

This rather tall young man, my baby boy, turned 17 today. Omg where did that go, seems like only yesterday I was dealing with this screaming horrid baby (yes he honestly was the worst of my babies, he had colic for almost the first year of his life, and a scream that could, and constantly did, wake the neighbours, we even had the cops around a few times when the neighbours thought we were beating him lol) he has since made up for that terrible beginning to be the best behaved of my 3 babies and most definitely the easiest teenager so far. he really is an amazing boy, easy going, well behaved, doesn’t smoke, barely drinks, doesn’t go to parties and run around in cars, doesn’t even play his music loudly. any given weekend will find him helping out around home or at a mates place playing Xbox. what more could a mother want? he’s not perfect but damn near lol. 

For his birthday Katie and I brought him a laptop backpack, he’s been asking for one for ages and a game of pictureka, which Steve and I played before dinner tonight, he cheats outrageously but then so did I lol….its half the fun of it, trying the cheat each other without getting caught…we are both so obvious that it ends up being a joke between us.

He is always fun to be with, we enjoy each others company and talk about all sorts, even read the same sort of books. how many mums can say that about their teenage sons?

though I don’t think his grandmother is to impressed with him at the moment, since she suddenly realised the other day that he is head and shoulders taller than her now lol…looks like he will reach that 6’4 predicated when he was a kid.

well besides Steve’s birthday there has been a bit going on around here. I haven’t blogged in a while, the main reason being I haven’t been well enough to hold my head up much less do anything else. My darling doctor thought it would be fun to play with my painkillers, and since my back has been giving me hell without let up he decided it would be a good idea to send me for an x-ray and put me on some serious painkillers, namely morphine..yah…if you have ever been on that stuff you will know the effect it can have.,..quite simply it can make you a little bit out of your head, away in lala land lol…so that’s how the weekend and first few days of the week went…or flew should I say. then on Tuesday I went back for another visit to said doctor and he has cut back on those, thank heavens and put me on something that is between codeine which is no longer effective, and morphine which is a little to effective. and finally, I am coming out of the fog and regaining my senses lol, even if I am now on so many pills I rattle when I walk lol…and since I am not doing that to well he has also instructed me to use crutches whenever I walk…I am starting to not like this man lol…he really is lovely but a girl could go off him in a big way! so now I am being dragged around by a pair of damn crutches but at least I am getting around and not a moment to soon since Katie has picked up one of those mysterious bugs that kids get and has been unwell for the last few days, though she is getting better now, I can tell, she’s getting bossy again lol.

anyway that’s enough babble for one night…I am off to cuddle up with a good book and listen to the rain…its pouring down here, I really like the sound of the rain at night, must be a left over from living in Greymouth all those years.

night night all, I will leave you with this ever so cute photo of Katie giving Steve a birthday kissjune 11 004, how sweet is that?

sweet dreams


V xx


2 thoughts on “Happy B’day my baby boy

  1. Hannah says:

    Happy Birthday to Steve! He sounds like a wonderful young man. I hope my boys turn out half as well. Raising a “damn near perfect” child is a fantastic effort on your part – so well done!

    I’m so sorry to hear that you haven’t been very well. I hope things improve for you soon.

  2. Janine says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Steve. Sound like you had a wonderful day. Just been catching up on ya blog. Wow, I wonder how many albums Katie will have by the time she gets to 16 lol. I hope your health improves.

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