8 Albums

Look at this….june 006


all but one of these albums are Katie’s…I have just started album number 8 for her…and she’s only 3 and a half. The very top on is Steve & Jodi’s and is almost full. Steve and I estimated that I have done about 140 layouts of Katie in the last 3 1/2 years. Not that she minds, she loves looking through the albums of herself! She was going from album to album when I pulled them out this afternoon and going “there’s me” at every layout lol. She did surprise me when she came across a layout of her and Jodi and she knew who he was straight away. He hasn’t been home in over a year but she doesn’t forget. She knows who her big brother is 🙂 she talks to him every week when we call him and loves the photos that I have framed in my room. She was still a baby when he left so he is in for a bit of a shock when he comes home in September for a holiday. I am so looking forward to him coming home, and he’s bringing his girlfriend Tracey, that makes 3 Tracey’s in our family now lol, my sister Tracy, S.I.L Tracey and now daughter I.L Tracey lol.

I did a layout for the Scrappin Patch Queen’s Birthday challenge that Heidi set, centred on our princess or princes. And of course mine was all about….you guessed it…my DD Katie…and my other favourite wee girl Taliyah. The layout is still awaiting approval since I only just uploaded it but check out the Scrappin Patch gallery later to see it…it sort of took on a life of its own and strayed so far from plan its not funny…isn’t it weird how some layouts do that, you have a picture in your head about how you want it to look but when it is finished it looks nothing like the picture in your head?

I had this great idea of a layout for the challenge Beverley set:

Option one: Is to do a layout and include ephemera on it.

Option two: Is to do a layout and include a drawing or note from your child/grandchild/godchild or any special child in your life

I was planning on doing option two. I have a very special letter sent to me by my eldest nephew when he first started school, 21 years ago! and wouldn’t you know it…I cant find it anywhere, I have kept it in an old photo album all these years and just because I want it now of course I can’t track it down. I put the album away somewhere safe!! isn’t that just always the way?

Anyway the challenge ends at midnight tonight so I cant see me getting it done unless the album turns up out of the blue in the next few hours…but when I do find it I will do the layout anyway. I have the photo of 5 year old Nephew and 26 year old nephew, I was 14 when he was born and I remember tell my S.I.L that he looked like ET lol…just the sort of thing a new mum wants to hear about her new born babe lol…she eventually forgave me…after all…I was only 14, with all the sensitivity of your average 14 year old lol.

anyway Time to get Miss 3 into her PJ’s, for reasons known only to herself she is running around with no pants on….this girl hates wearing pants…hope she grows out of that before she starts school lol.

have a good night all.


V xx


One thought on “8 Albums

  1. Hannah says:

    I think this is a problem for many scrapbookers, hehe! I know I have TONS of albums and then pizza boxes full of layouts that I haven’t yet put into albums. If the boys do want to keep theirs when they leave home, they’ll need a separate room to store them in! LOL 🙂
    But you’re right, if the kids love to look at them then it’s all worth it.

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