Getting there

slowly but surely my back is starting to come right, I had acupuncture on Tuesday and that helped but I am still living on painkillers and resting when I can, its been such a busy week though that I haven’t had much in the way of rest.

Yesterday I took Katie into the hospital to get her hearing checked and see if she needed grommets or not. She refused blankly to be even slightly helpful at first, right up until i bribed her with McDonalds for lunch. Her hearing is ok at the moment but if she gets more ear infections this winter she may have to have them. She’s got another appointment in 3 months time.

Today it was Steve’s turn, He had to get part of his big toe removed to stop him from constantly getting ingrown toenail. Poor bugger has already had the nail removed once and as soon as it grew back he had the same problem so today the doctor cut one side of his toe away to allow the nail to grow normally. He must have got about 10 stitches. Our doctor is wonderful though, he kept Steve distracted while he was busy with the scalpel. It was pretty gross to watch!

and tomorrow its more physio for me. Talk about a week of medical drama lol…there has only been one day without some kind of medical appointment this week and that was Monday! talk about an unhealthy lot!

Its just been one of those weeks and I am so tired, Katie had a bad night last night and was a bit snuffly, so she ended up in bed with me at about 2am.

That kid is a clown, you should see her at the moment, she just had a banana and put the skin on the ground and pretended she was slipping over on it! lol she’s definitely got her brothers mad sense of humour.

anyway I am going to have dinner and hopefully an early night.

night night all


V xx


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