How lucky am I?

Just watching my crazy kids are cuddled up on the couch together watching may 002Playhouse Disney, its so cute….for those that don’t know, my kids are 3 and almost 17! lol, their so close these two and they never fail to make me smile when they play together like this. Katie just decided Steve looked far to comfortable so she climbed over him and then into his blanket with him lol.

How many 17 y.o boys do you know that would put up with being bossed around by a 3 y.o baby sister? he’s so patient.

Katie made her biggest brother nearly cry last night, I was talking to Jodi on the phone (he’s still living in Taranaki) and I put Katie on the phone, and she chatted away for a few minutes then said, “i got to go now dodi, I love you” when I got back on the phone he was having a wee sniff and said he wanted to come home lol. He has been gone for a year now but Katie knows exactly who he is, she often carries a photo of him around and tells us that its her dodi. 🙂

I wish he would come home but I know he cant, he’s got a bakers apprenticeship do to and he’s a big boy now…doesn’t mean I cant miss him though. He is coming home for a visit in September, that will good.

well my back is slowly getting better, I had another visit to the physio on Friday and that helped, so does having a spa bath every night. its still sore but not nearly as bad as it was, at least I can sit up now, that’s more than I could do a few days ago. And the kids are both healthy again though Katie just cant shake that barking cough, funnily enough Steve use to get a cough at the beginning of winter and it would last until spring, hope Katie isn’t going to be the same.

She has an appointment at the specialist to get her ears check next Wednesday, which just happens to be the day her preschool class is going to NatureLand, she misses out again, she missed out on the Christmas party because she was sick, and PJ day because it was on a day she wasn’t there and the teddy bears picnic because I was sick. poor girl…not that she even knows or cares lol, and she has been to NatureLand a number of times, I might just have to talk to my cousin and see if she wants to take the kids there in the weekend. Her kids are 10 month older and 10 months younger than Katie so they all play together really well.

anyway must be cup of tea time…I am hoping to get into my scrap room for a wee while today, I had this great idea for a multi photo layout which, if it works, i will share later.

look what’s going on now…may 006 Katie stole the blanket and climbed on the step ladder giggling her hear off and started teasing Steve with “I the king of da castle, you da dirty wascle” lol, crazy kid!! she has a real thing about ladders, anything she can climb. Dad was using the stepladder yesterday and she stole it as soon as he was finished and has been climbing up and down all morning. Maybe she will following in her Grandfathers footsteps and be a lineman or is that line person? lol

she is still only half dressed, she has informed me she wants to stay in her pjammies today lol…she does take after me! nothing like a nice comfy pair of pjammies and fluffy slippers on a cold morning! And here it is 11 am and I have done nothing! how lazy is that? oh well, its Sunday…no rush!

have a wonderful Sunday everyone


V xx


One thought on “How lucky am I?

  1. Hannah says:

    Katie is lucky to have such wonderful and loving big brothers …a nd yes, you are lucky to have 3 great kids!
    I’m pleased to hear that your back is getting better. Take care!

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