oh the drama

this week so far has been one thing after another. Last Friday i fell over on our gravel driveway and wrenched my back and have out of action ever since. I went to the doctor on Monday and he gave me some pain killers and muscle relaxants and sent me to the physio which was one of my two appointments on Tuesday. First I had to go to the rheumatology nurse to be assessed to see i still qualify for the Humira injection that keeps the RA in check, seems I am borderline to keeping it because I still have a far bit of joint pain…something else to worry about. after a quick trip to warehouse to get Katie some more PJ’s it was back home with just enough time to grab a quick cuppa and then off to physio, who is really lovely and also treating dad at the moment lol.

and to add to that both Katie and Steve have been sick this week, they both had a tummy bug and Steve had a couple of days off school and Katie had one day of preschool but their both fine now. And Dads ankle is getting better at long last, he has been on crutches since Easter and is now getting around with just one crutch and is a lot happier, another week and he will be back to normal.

so all in all its been a pretty stink week really, i am sick of reading, i cant sit up long enough to scrapbook and i am bored silly!!! Mum got a part time job with a company that does stocktaking, today is her first day, so i haven’t even got her to moan to lol. But I am glad she has found a job that’s low stress but gets her out of the house for a couple of days a week, she must get so sick of looking after Dad and I, today she is working out Countdown in Nelson and had to leave at 5am so she will be buggered by the time she gets home. but it gives her a little extra income now that they are both on the super.

Oh talking about getting older, the other day I was reading our local paper and came across an article about a guy i went to school with, it had a photo with it and OMG he looked old!!!!! the in dawned on me, all those kids I went to school with are the age our parents were back then lol…if not older. we are the ones now who have kids at school who think we are old lol.

and on that note. its taken me nearly two hours to type this, its very to type lying down so everyone have a wonderful Thursday hope the sun is out at your place, it is here but its still cold.



V xx


2 thoughts on “oh the drama

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh dear, that doesn’t sound like a very good week at all! I’m sorry to hear about your back, I hope it is coming right now. And I hope the kids are feeling better too.
    Hang in there … I’m sure next week will be much brighter! 🙂

  2. Vicki says:

    Sure sounds like a stink week. I think back pain has to be the most miserable of things. All the best.

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