The little things

I need a vent…..My mother is driving me nuts….she has been so naggy lately,  and interfering constantly. I know she’s stressed because of Dad being on crutches but honestly Mum…find another target!!! she keeps nagging me about doing this or that wrong with Katie, I dress her wrong, I don’t spend enough time with her, I spend to much time with her, I let her watch TV, then when I change the channel or turn it off I get nagged about not letting her watch her favourite programs!!!! I cant win!!! Yesterday I just about lost it…Katie fell and banged her chin, I dropped what I was doing and gave her cuddle and checked for injury (just a fright, no blood) when Mum calls her away from me to sit on her knee…I was so angry…its my job to comfort her and that’s what I was doing. Mum just had to interfere again! I know she only means well but honestly, I have brought up two kids already, I think I know what I am doing. You would swear by listening to Mum that I was a first time mother!!! I know what Katie needs and when…so Mum….Butt Out!!!!

Oh that feels better….sorry for the rant but I needed to get it out…I love my Mum and we are really close but sometimes….well even the closest people get feed up with each other sometimes!

Now talking about Katie…the kid is nuts lol….look at the photos I took yesterday

may 020

may 016









she was “helping” me make up some wee diecut dolls I got of Trademe a while ago and pulled out her wee magnifying glass (which use to live in my tool kit) and examined it in detail lol Needless to say I took a pile of photos and used them with the wee doll in a layout. You will have to wait to see that one 😉

shabby chic 001But I will show you this one, this is the one i did for Scrappin Patch shabby chic challenge, I don’t know if its really shabby chic but I like it. I don’t really know what Shabby Chic is, can anyone explain it to me?

Another thing I want to ask, does anyone out there know if its safe to use Beados on a layout? I got some for Katie and I to play with together but they are so cute I thought they would look great on a layout. I haven’t seen any used in scrapbooking but I figure if their safe for kids they must be acid free. what do you think?

anyway thanks for putting up with my ranting, sometimes you just gotta get it out there! we all have days like that dont we?

time to do something before I go pick up little miss mad girl from preschool.

have a happy day


V xx


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