Mothers day

well so much for mothers day, Steve promised me he would look after Katie this morning so I could have a lie in, but his friend stayed the night last night and of course they stayed up late so he’s still in bed and I have been up since about 6.30am. He owes me big time for this lol. I should have known that it would never happen, he promised the same last year.

I ended up with a wee girl in bed with me last night, she woke up needing to go to the toilet just after i went to bed, then decided my bed was better than hers so she climbed in beside me and went straight back to sleep, which was sweet but meant I got very little sleep. Why is it that the littler they are the more room they take up in the bed? I lost count of the times I nearly fell outta bed lol. As much as I love watching her sleep, it would have been nice to get a bit more myself.

I have some news, I was lucky enough to win the Scrappin Patch National Scrapbooking day challenge  last weekend. talk about surprised, there were so many amazing entries I didn’t think I stood a chance. I was so wrapped when I found out I had won. Thanks again to the Queens of Scrappin Patch Adrienne and Pauline. :)this is the layout, I just loved the challenge, first we had to do a treasure hunt through the DT and GD blogs to find all the ingredients and then do the layout and get it uploaded on time. the first one to upload their layout won a prize too and that was Trace! May 012

I got hold of the first copy of Innovations the other day (Thanks Julia 🙂 it is fab, I love the way they have such big photos of the layouts, it means you can get a good look. I am still getting through it, I like to savour these things lol.

well it maybe mothers day but I cant linger all day, I have a few things to do and then this afternoon I might hide away in my scraproom and do a bit of fiddling or take Katie for a walk and take a few photos of the beautiful trees down the road.

Happy Mothers day one and all, hope you all have a wonderful day.


V xx


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