Something’s that have made me smile today

I’ve had a bit of a rough time health wise just lately but today gave me a few reasons to smile.

first off this morning when I took Katie to pre-school two of her wee friends saw her walk in and came running over to her and gave her big hugs. it was so sweet it made me wish I had my camera 🙂

then Mum got an aviary today to house her 5 canaries and when Katie got may 004home she decided it was her new playhouse, luckily Mum hadn’t put the birds in yet because Katie made a beeline for it and took up residences. I took some great photos of that. Cant wait to scrapbook them, got the perfect paper too lol…lets take the photos to match the paper shall we? lol that’s terrible. And, no, as tempting as it was, I didn’t lock her in. 😉

And the third thing to make me smile today was reading Heidi’s blog and finding out I had won a RAK after leaving a comment there on NSD the other day. how cool is that? Thanks again lovely lady 🙂

so all in all its been a good day, even if I have felt a bit wiped out today, good things have happened and that’s the moments I think about at the end of the day 🙂

anyway time to get our cheeky chick off to bed. Good night all, looks to be another cold one here, we had a decent frost this morning, it was just wonderful going into Richmond this morning 🙂


V xx


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