International scrapbooking day

I have been playing the treasure hunt game at scrappin patch for ISD and now I have all the clues and would love to ignore the things I have to do and lock myself in my scraproom but that’s not going to happen until the jobs are done. so I will save the list until later.

I was reading Vicki’s blog and decided to take part in the 8 things list she had there, so here’s mine, was harder than i thought it would be, esp. the 8 programs i watch since i don’t watch a lot of TV but i do watch a lot of podcasts on my computer so i included them lol.

8 Things that I am Looking forward to:

Going to Australia for Christmas

Spending time with my brother and his family

Seeing my first published layout in Scrapbooking Innovations

Mothers day

Katie’s first trip to the snow sometime this winter

Seeing my great niece Harmony for the first time

Finishing the book i am reading

Scrapbooking today 🙂

8 Things I Did Yesterday

Took Katie to preschool

Picked up a new external hard drive to replace the one that broke

Picked up the stuff to make cards for Auntie Wendy’s friend who lost her husband recently

Picked Katie up from preschool

Sent the layout to Scrapbook Innovations, again, it got returned because they gave me the wrong address

Picked up Steve from the bus

Did a layout

Gave my scraproom a half hearted clean 🙂

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

Move like a normal person

Win lotto

Find the final book in the series i have been reading

Decorate my bedroom

Find the energy to give my bedroom and scraproom a good clean

Go hot air ballooning

Go to France

Meet my email friend from Kansas, I’ve only known her for 10 years now

8 Shows I Regularly Watch

Coro st

Shorty st

Dr who





Real Woman Scrap TV


now its your turn, leave a comment and let me know where to find your list. now I need to get those jobs done so I can SCRAP, happy international scrapbook day everyone.


V xx


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