wet Sunday

The first really wet days we have had in ages. It started raining yesterday afternoon but I don’t mind the rain, it makes being inside feel cosy, especially with the fire going and the heat pump going in the passage. We only got the heat pump installed a couple of weeks ago and what a huge difference it makes, the house is at a nice constant temperature now. Its so nice getting up to a warm house.

Its beapril 010en a pretty busy week this week. My brother, his partner and his daughter and grand daughter came over from Blenheim for 3 days. It was great but all the extra bods in the house is exhausting. Katie and Tahliyah had us all in fits of laughter with all their antics. On Thursday they got dressed up in princess dresses and spent the better part of the day dancing around being princesses and fairies. They get on so well but my brother just about drove me mad going on about how big Katie was. I ended up snapping at him I got so sick of it. Tahliyah is tiny for her age (she will be 3 in August) and Katie is big for her age but not freakishly so, she’s no bigger than your average 4/5 year old and she is almost 3 and 1/2 She’s more tall and solid than fat, there isn’t an ounce of spare fat on her.

But because Tahliyah is so small it makes Katie look even bigger and my brother went on and on about it until I pointed out that she isn’t that much bigger than a lot of the kids at her preschool, that shut him up lol. If anything is going to make her paranoid about her size as she grows up its going to be her own family making constant negative comments about it. I want to see her grow up to be confident and to do what ever she wants, not to feel like she is not good enough like I did growing up. She is beautiful and I want to make sure she knows that and believes it! She doesn’t need negativity around her.

Anyway enough moaning. Apart for that little problem it was good to see Anaru and his family and it was good to see them go home lol…The hoapril 012use was very noise while they were here. I didn’t get any scrapbooking down, but I got some great photos of the girls playing together, they are such good friends and are so cute together. I can see them being trouble as they get older, getting up to allsorts of mischief.

anyway I have managed to start laying out the start of a layout for the Sketch Book fortnightly sketch challenge. that’s a start, haven’t picked the photo for it yet though lol….trust me to do things backwards.  Might use this one , not sure yet. I have a pile of new photos to chose from, been busy with my camera this week 🙂

anyway time I got moving, lazy Sunday morning is over, the housework wont wait forever. I have to go pick up Steve from his mates place in an hour and I haven’t done a thing 😦 I so do not feel like housework today.

have a good Sunday everyone


Vicky xx


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