Yay Yellow Team

Just watched the final of Mitre 10 Dream Home and gotta say I am so wrapped that the Yellow team won. Greymouth being my home town of sorts, I spent 8 years there before moving to New Plymouth in 02 and I think Te’ana was one of my very first students when I spent a few weeks teaching a youth class when I first started tutoring way back when.  I have been following them and voting for them right through with my fingers crossed. It must have been so hard for them all to wait those last few hours for the results to read out. Talk about stress.

It was funny watching the final and seeing so many people I knew, even during the series I saw a pile of people I knew. Greymouth is a very small place lol. With the blue team Dave went to school with my nephew and some of their helpers I knew, some of them I had taught at one time or another.

Anyway Congrads to both teams, most especially the Yellow Team. Way to go!!!

Now I am off for an early night, time for more painkillers, my back is killing me after running around on the sand at the playground in Tahuna with Katie this afternoon. She wore me out lol but she had a ball, except when 3 young girls told her to go away when she went to join them on the round a bout…I forgot how mean little girls can be.

night night all


V xx


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