Forgetful Me

I cant believe how bad my memory is getting lately. I forgot to take a photo and upload the layout I did for Sketch Books Friday night challenge. I had it done on Saturday afternoon but didn’t remember to do anything about it until Monday. And then I just realised I forgot about the Scrappin Patch Easter sale, which finished yesterday.

And its not just scrapbooking things I keep forgetting, I forgot to pick Steve up the week before last from School. I was suppose to take him to the bank to get a new ATM card and he ended up sitting at the school for almost an hour waiting for me. I didn’t remember until I was waiting for the bus and he didn’t get off. I felt so stupid!

I blame it on a combination of getting older and medication….mainly medication lol.

We had a good Easter weekend, pretty quite though with Dad being injured and me up and down like a yoyo health wise. Steve, Katie and I went to the april 025Mapua Easter Fair on Sunday after Katie’s first Easter egg hunt. We weren’t there long, the crowds were a bit much for Katie but she did have her first merry go round ride, it was so cute but she was a bit frightened at first, the wee girl on the horse next to her talked to her and that made her a lot happier. And of course we had hotdogs lol….I brought her a blow up Dora doll which she has been very happily playing with ever since.  Steve did the normal teenage thing and acted bored the whole time we were there lol, though he did take Katie on the bouncy castle. He is a really good big brother.

By the time we got home I was exhausted and could barely move and spent the best part of Monday on the couch watching back to back Torchwood episodes on my computer and playing Sims 2.

Was anyone else put off their Easter eggs after all the reports on the news about those wormy things found in those poor kids Easter eggs? I inspected Katie’s Easter eggs so carefully it wasn’t funny, it put me off a bit but nothing can really put me off chocolate for long lol. I only brought 3 Easter eggs at the Warehouse this year and no marshmallow ones 🙂 it was pretty gross seeing those wormy things wriggling around. I hope those poor people get decent compensation for being put off chocolate like that!!

anyway time to get moving, Steve is working today so I need to drop him off and go to the library and supermarket.

have a great day everyone


V xx


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