Happy Easter

image015I couldn’t resist the photo, its so cute. I got it via email the other day along with a heap of others, more to share later.

Well so far Easter has been interesting, poor ol Dad spent the day in A & E after twisting his knee the other day and it was the size of a house this morning and he was in a heap of pain so Mum forced him into the car and whipped him away to the hospital and they x-rayed and drained all sorts of yuk out of it and now its strapped into one of those strap on cast thingy’s and he is just a bundle of joy lol….not a happy man.

And while Mum and Dad were off at the hospital I managed to twist my knee just to go into sympathy. well actually my knees have been playing up for a few days…nothing new there, probably the weather changing. I’ll put it up for a day or so and it’ll be alright, always is. And to make things even more fun Katie was doing the brat act!! she’s been a wee witch all day, I cant wait until she gets out of this phase. She got put in her room with a tap on the bum this afternoon, that’s got to be a first for her but she is becoming a brat and there is no way I am going to allow that. Time for a bit of tough love I think and at least Mum and Dad are behind me this time. They finally realise that they spoil her rotten and its beginning to show.

I was hoping to get some scrapping today, I did manage to get in a tidy up my scraproom a bit and make a few plans for a couple of layouts. But dealing with DD left me no time to do anything else this afternoon. I was so happy to put her to bed tonight, she’s exhausting. And she was such a sweet angel when I put her in to bed, lots of kisses and cuddles and love you Mummy’s lol….con-artist.

anyway off to watch Wild at Heart.


V xx


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