And the winner is

ME….yah….I won the Friday Night Challenge at Sketchbook , thanks Hannah for april 019choosing me 🙂 it made my day when I saw that I had won. and this is the layout that won it . I hate the photo but it tells the story of how I feel about my medication in the hidden journaling. it was actually a hard story to write as I didn’t want it to sound like I was feeling sorry for myself but just how it hard this medication is on my body and mind. I loved the idea of a black and white layout with just one other colour and of course it had to be pink, its just a very ME colour lol.

april 020

I have one more challenge layout to do and I have started on that one this afternoon. I decided to base it on Steve’s gaming addiction lol. Not that he is really addicted but he does love to play Xbox and Xbox live which would explain why I now have no bandwidth left and have had to go with a bigger plan. He loves to play with his mates online and managed to use our entire bandwidth allowance (10 gig) in a week…great huh? I have upped it to 20 gig a  month. That’s 10 gig for him and 10 for the rest of us lol.

Katie is all ready for bed but I am trying to put her off, its to early, she will be up at 5am if I put her to bed now….Damn daylight savings….it does it every time. She’s all bathed and in her jammies and is playing us her little guitar…lucky us lol. its keeping her entertained and awake lol. And now she’s off to Gandads lounge to serenade him lol.

Of course I could put her to bed now and have time to scrapbook tonight lol. but that means getting up before the crack of dawn tomorrow…hhhhmmmmm nah, another half hour I think.

I’m off to keep her busy…night night all…and thanks again Hannah, you lovely lovely lady 🙂


V xx



One thought on “And the winner is

  1. Hannah says:

    No worries, Vicky! It’s a great layout, so enjoy your win 🙂
    Sorry to hear about the daylight savings battle … hopefully Katie adjusts to the new time soon and you don’t have any more early mornings!

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