Challenges, challenges…and what have I achieved? not a thing, I have spent the day on the couch feeling sorry for myself, I feel like shyt if you will excuse the expression. Sore hips, hands, head, jaw…..well you name its sore sigh…so I have had a “I feel sorry for me” day….I suppose we are all entitled to one of them every now and then.

I really want to be scrapping but don’t have the energy, I seriously want to have a go at Hannah’s challenge at Sketch Book, black and white with one other colour, sounds like a great challenge and I really love Hannah’s example layout, its gorgeous.

I also want to have a crack at Scrap the Boys challenge this month but I have plenty of time for that and the other challenge is a male orientated one as well and that’s Scrappin Patch Man Friday challenge which is another one that appeals.

april 014I have completely lost the plot of the SBO Great Race, a nightly challenge was far to much for me, especially this week when I have been feeling less than my best. I would of loved to give it a better shot but have only managed 2 layouts, this one is the last one, I wanted to do last nights which looked like a lot of fun it was Japan and centred around Super Kawaii (in English Super Cute). Bright funk colours, big eyed cartoons, sugary sweet clothes…just my sort of thing…lots of pink!!!!!! I wonder if Hello Kitty is amongst that lot,  I love Hello Kitty (ask Katie, she has a heap of Hello Kitty 6a00d8341c2df453ef00e54fa982428833-800withings and she has shown totally no interest in them lol…but I like them so she gets them.) I love love love the stripped tights in this picture lol…wonder if Katie would wear them…like she’s got a choice…she’s three…I still get to pick her clothes!!!!with funky pink boots and a little skirt…tooo cute…I LOVE HAVING A DAUGHTER!!! the boys were never as much fun to dress. and back to the challenges, even though


that Super Kawaii one was yesterday I might give it a shot anyway tomorrow, if I am feeling better, just because I like it.

anyway I hope all of you at scrap retreats are having fun….I will join you one day. but right now its almost time to put my DD to bed.

Night night all


V xx



One thought on “Challenges

  1. Hannah says:

    Awww, so sorry that you were not feeling well, I hope you are feeling much better today. And hopefully you got a chance to do my challenge, but if not, you should still do it just for fun. Thanks for your kind words about my example. I think it’s fun scrapping with B&W and one colour, it’s a really cool effect.

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