Day 5

march 002Day 5 of the SBO greatest race and I have submitted a grand total of ONE layout, this one. Tonight is Denmark, and a winter theme….help….I cant think of a single good wintery photo in my entire collection unless I go back about 10 years. We don’t really have serious winters here in sunny Nelson.

Where has the last 5 days gone? between Katie being sick and me being well…a little more in pain than normal and I don’t know…its just one of those weeks that is disappearing fast.

Dancing with the Stars is one, I love Geraldine Brophy so vote for her, shes just so lovely and looks like she is having a ball, I dont really care that she is not a fantastic dancer because she enjoys it so much. Plus she is supporting the Arthritis society which of course is a fab charity. I often think I should try and organise a charity crop for the Arthritis society, they have been really helpful since I got RA and do so amazing work.

Anyway going to watch the rest of Dancing with the Stars before I go to bed.

night night


V xx


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