Cold Tea

I do it every time, leave a cup of tea sitting for to long and then take a mouthful and get surprised that its cold. Its disgusting! I did it last night while scrapbooking and now I just did it again. I don’t mind semi cold tea, I got use to that when Steve was a baby with colic and never gave me a chance to drink a hot drink. But freezing cold tea? YUK!

I took Katie to the doctor yesterday, she hasn’t been well for the last few days, nothing I can put my finger on but just off. She has a bit of a cold and the beginning of an ear infection. She also has bruising inside her mouth from a fall on the trampoline the other day (don’t mention the trampoline, I so did not want one but Dad got it for her and didn’t give me a choice grrrrr), she’s had such a hard time eating since she fell on Sunday poor baby. It seems to be coming right now, she managed to eat her toast this morning and she’s a lot happier than she has been. Long may it last!

Mum brought Katie the cutest bunny slippers yesterday, their adorable, she’s just getting use to them as this kid would never wear shoes if she had her way lol. Right now she is trying to put them on her Grandfathers feet lol. She looks so cute in her new winter PJ’s (that are a size to big) and bunny slippers but I really should get moving and get her dressed. The sun is out here but its still a bit cold. Cold enough to make me ache all over, damn RA, as much as I like winter I could live without the pain that creeps into all my joints the moment it starts to get cold. I cant wait until its properly cold and we can light the fire, I love it when the fire is blazing, so cosy. But this is Nelson and its not that cold yet, more fresh than cold really.

and this is not getting anything done, I have a mission today, I HAVE to clean out my wardrobe and sort out the mountain of clothes that I don’t need. Wish me luck and if you don’t hear from me in a few days send a search party, its a very big wardrobe and I may get lost lol.

Have a great day


V xx


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