Showing off

thought I would show off a few of the layouts I’ve done lately. Its taken me a while to take the photos of most of them.

march 009

march 010 march 011

march 012

march 013

Bet you cant pick the theme with this lot lol. Mind you they are all out of Katie’s album. Its about time I added to Steve’s album I think. I did take a photo of him this afternoon. He has finally taken his tongue stud out! YAY victory at last. He has had it since he was 14, much to my disgust. going behind my back and getting his tongue pierced earned him a grounding, something that doesn’t happen around here very often. He was 6 weeks without his cell phone, 4 weeks grounding and now he has grown out of it. I am so pleased but of course I cant tell him that. So I feel this sign of impending adulthood definitely deserves a good layout. I must dig out the photo I have of him with the stud and now one without, it would make a good layout. He wont be impressed, but then he’s 16 and nothing impresses him at this age.

I went and got my haircut and coloured today, and oh it felt great, isn’t amazing the different a good haircut can make to your mental health? I’ve been so tired and a bit down lately but now I feel good, and my hair looks so funky! I love my hairdresser, I can walk in there and tell her to do whatever and I know I will walk out feeling and looking fab. She also suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis so we had a good chat about how we both cope and stuff like that. I don’t know many people with RA so its good to be able to discuss it with someone that understands.

anyway that’s me for the night.


V xx


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