up2scrap 003I should be use to it by now…I submitted a layout to Up 2 Scrap  magazine yesterday and got a very brief email but rejecting it…oh well c’est la vie at least I keep trying, one day they might want one of mine.  well I cant say I blame them, who wants a photo of me in a magazine anyway? 🙂 this one was taken on my 40th birthday. I enjoyed doing the layout anyway even if they didn’t want it.

I might have another go, I have a few days before the deadline on the 10th. See how I feel at the time. if this weather keeps up then there wont be much else to do and I did just download some very funky elements from shabby princess, the first digital elements I have ever paid for but they are definitely worth it. Birds, I love those cartoon type birds. I have got into a bit of hybrid scrapping lately, there are so many beautiful elements out there they are just to hard to resist.

I also got the PP’s I ordered from Scrappin Patch yesterday and they are all stacked up on my desk waiting begging me to use them 🙂 so many pretty papers, such a fab sale 50% papers, and just when I needed to restock since the big clean out last month. What I really need to do now is sort the basket on my desk that holds a pile of embellishments, I have no idea of half the things in there. And I have more things coming from Trademe that I have brought this week. I have spoilt myself a little lately but I am getting a bit low in supplies after all the scrapping i have been doing lately. I have nearly filled an album that I started at the end of January, already. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t spend at least a little time in my office creating. If only I could find a way to turn my creativity into real work.

in fact I might disappear in there for a wee bit now while Katie is involved in her favourite programs. I have half an hour before dinner

have a nice night all


V xx


One thought on “Rejected….again

  1. Hannah says:

    Hey babe, don’t give up! I submitted to that magazine for over a year before I got accepted. Just scrap for you, and submit if you feel like it. At the end of the day, if you and your family like the layouts, that’s all that matters! 🙂
    Chin up!

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