Dr Who?

tardis_doctorI am so sad, I just read that my hero David Tenant is giving up the role of The Doctor on Dr Who at the end of the year. He’s been the Doctor for the last 3 series and this next one will be his last. its so sad, He is so good in that role, not to mention so CUTE, adorable and funny. I have every episode of Dr Who and often watch them when I am sick. I even cried when Rose got stuck in a parallel universe, how bad is that? and when Donna had to have her memory wiped and the Doctor took her home and left looking like he was devastated. Ok its just a TV program but he’s so good in the role he makes you believe there is such a thing as a time lord. There are so few decent programs on TV these days. I would rather escape from reality and get lost in a time lords world than watch yet another reality TV program. Honestly the whole point of TV is to escape the real world not watch others moan about it!

I have been up half the night with one sick little girl. Katie has had a roaring temperature all night and now she’s fine, but tired. She has a bit of sniffle and is a bit glassy eyed but the temperature has gone down which is relief. She’s happily playing with her little people on the floor now after being up since 5.30am, which means I have had about 2 hours sleep, oh yay. So no preschool for her today and no hairdresser for me….oh well what’s a few more days of grey hair? maybe I can convince her to have a nap this afternoon then I can have a wee one too 🙂

well as the Doctor would say, Alonzee, time to get moving and get this girl some breakfast. And me another cuppa, something’s got to keep me awake 🙂

have a fab day all


V xx


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