I spent today trying to find ranger alcohol inks, talk about mission impossible, I went to an art supply shop in Richmond, nothing, then to Spotlight, nothing and then looked online and found a few places but I really want to use them with the Prima Paintables transparency I brought a while back to do a layout to submit to Up 2 Scrap. I am getting real brave but I only have until the 10th to submit it. Its just finding the inks…I have one place left in Nelson to look and that’s Bett’s, an art supply place in town. If I get a chance I will go there tomorrow. Its such a pain not having a Scrapbook shop locally any more. There is Scrapbox, Julia lives just down the road, but she doesn’t stock alcohol inks, just about everything else though, Scrapbox has got some awesome new things in I have noticed. She’s got a great range, its one of my favourite websites to visit, its a total eye candy site, so many pretty things 🙂 I love pretty lol

I have just got Katie to bed, she’s right into lullabies at the moment, I don’t know where she has picked that word up from but I have always sung her a lullaby every night and for the last few nights she has snuggled into bed and said, sing me lullaby mummy.  Its funny hearing her use words like that but just shows how quickly she is growing up, far to quickly!

She went to her first MacDonald’s birthday party yesterday, my cousins wee boy Liam turned 4 and there must have been about 15 small people yelling and screaming around the outside of the playground, the MacDonald’s staff wouldn’t open the playground up because it had been raining and it was full of puddles so the kids had a ball chasing each other all around the area in front of the playground. It was so noisy! i forgot what small children’s birthday parties can be like, its been a long time since i went to one, in fact i would say the last one was when my niece Tayla turned 5, she’s now 14 lol. But Katie had a great time which is the main thing, and wee Liam loved the Tonka truck we got him which My Hero'swas great. Boys and trucks…2 things that go together. All the wee boys were wearing super hero costumes and the wee girls looked so sweet in their pretty party dresses. Katie finally got to wear her Christmas dress again and she looked adorable and was little miss popular. As always she makes friends where ever she goes and had all the other kids playing chasing and hide and seek. it was great to see her being so confident. The photo above was taken just before we left and the wee one in the batman outfit next to Katie is Liam.

anyway I am trying to grasp hold of the plot of Desperate Housewives again, haven’t seen it in ages and I have no idea what’s going on. Not sure I will even bother, to tired to care. Think I was just stare at it mindlessly for a wee while then go to bed lol.

night night


V xx


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