How could he?

How could he be so mean, how could my first born do such a nasty thing to his own mother… eldest, my baby turned 20 today…how could he make me feel so old like Picture 072 that? when it seems like only yesterday I was a terrified 20 year old holding this brand new baby boy that I had no idea what to do with. and he was such a beautiful baby, well he’s still pretty cute but then all Mums think their sons are the most handsome and most charming don’t they? This photo was taken shortly before his birthday last year. I haven’t got a recent one since he moved back to New Plymouth in April last year to be with his girlfriend Tracy and hasn’t sent me a photo since he left despite my less than subtle hints lol. I miss him, the hardest thing a mother ever has to do is let go of their kids and let them grow up. to put it in Jodi language, it sucks bites and blows lol. and now….he’s 20!!!! OMG when did that happen???? when did he become an adult and I become old???? my darling tattooed pierced freak, he has always been a little out there, a little bit different than the norm, my artist who sees the world a different way. He seems happy with Tracy and his job and his life up north but I so wish he would come home, its not going to happen….he’s a grown up now and it sucks! lol. My job is over with him….and I must have done something right because he’s a good, caring and decent man. I am one very lucky Mum.

and on that note….I need to text him to see if he is going home before he goes to the pub with his mates so I can call him. I doubt it lol……at 20 mates and parties come well before Mums, especial on this very important birthday!


V xx


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