A Layout

just thought I would show off a layout I did last week, no other reason than I cant show off the one I did last night for the Scrappin Patch Stars in their Eyes final and that’s the one I really want to show off because it came out just right. the one below I did just for fun and Feb 012because the pile of photos I got printed ages ago seems to keep growing instead of shrinking. As soon as I saw this photo I knew what the title would be lol.

I have been inspired lately, its good to have my mojo back 🙂 today I spent a few hours reorganising my clear stamps, I used the laminator I brought a few weeks ago and made up some storage sheets to keep them all stored where I can see them, my stamp collection is getting a little out of control, and I don’t use them nearly as often as I could be. Now I have put them where I can see them I might get more use out of them.

anyway Katie needs to go to bed and I don’t think I will be up to late either, I am sooo tired today.

have fun all


V xx


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