Caterpillars, Sims and Videos

Its Tuesday morning and ohhhh so peaceful, Mum and Dad have just taken Katie to preschool on their way to go swimming and for the first time in ages I have some real ME time! So I am curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and Norah Jones playing on channel 63 and all is good with the world.

Yesterday afternoon we discovered this little sweetie on the swan tree that Katie and Dad have been showering love and attention on for the last month.Feb 044 We didnt think that the caterpillars would appear until next year but that shows how if you plant it they will come 🙂

Katie is fascinated, she loves caterpillars and knows how they turn into butterflies (thanks to the Little Einstein’s dvd she got for Christmas) but she sat watching it and couldn’t work out why it was taking so long to turn into a butterfly, it doesn’t take that long on TV lol. She must have sat there for half an hour and then kept going back until bath time to make sure it was still there and talk to it and sing it songs, she can be so sweet.

I have now got my laptop jumping, installed Sims 2 and all the expansion packs on Saturday and brought a new objects pack on Sunday. Now I have Open for Business and University as well as Glamour, Family Fun Stuff and Teen Stuff installed. I have been teaching myself how to run a business which is fun. I downloaded a couple cheat objects but they are not really much help. Its good to be challenged anyway, keeps the mind alive.

Has anyone else watched Neen’s scraproom tour ? man she is organised, makes me feel even worse about the fact that my scraproom looks like a bomb has hit it at the moment. It hasn’t had a good clean up for the last few weeks. I might have to steal a few of Neen’s ideas and get reorganised again. Its a very cool video.

I can now reveal my enter for Scrappin Patch Stars in their Eyes comp for Beates challenge, and wow I am blown away by all the talent that’s come out in this competition. I have had so much inspiration from the Stars and from all the fab layouts that have been submitted. Harmony is the name of my layout and features my beautiful new great niece of course 🙂 and now we are down to the final challenge and the star this week is Kelly Goree and I love the colours she uses…a artist after my own heart, we all know how much I love bright cheerful colours! love it love it love it!!!!

I wonder if Katie will pose for me in her pretty Christmas dress, I didn’t get any photos of her in it for some reason on Christmas Day I will have to wait until she is in a happy mood, she’s been a real jeckell and Hyde lately, one moment sweet as can be and the next head spinning scary girl. I suppose its the age, its a phase, I keep telling myself that lol.

anyway time I moved, shower, make bed, tidy up….sigh a mothers work is never done.
have a happy day all




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