Oh the Drama!!

so it seemed so simple right? broken laptop power jack, take to computer doctor, they fix, problem solved…to quote the Tui ads, YEAH RIGHT!! for the last 10 days its been a big hassle, first the repair company told me the cord was broken, they ordered a new one, no worries. Then they tell me the jack is broken and it needs to go to the Toshiba specialist in Christchurch to see if it can be fixed but they think it wont be able to be fixed. So off it goes to Christchurch meanwhile I ring the insurance company and let them know whats happening, no worries they say, just let us know what the Toshiba specialist says and if need be we will replace it for you. The specialist calls and says the motherboard has been drowned by black coffee…now the mystery really starts, I don’t drink coffee, in fact no one in this house really drinks coffee that often. So I call the insurance company again and the specialist send them a assessment of damage. Now you would think things would be pretty straight forward right, laptop is unfix able, insurance company pays out, i get a new laptop? again I say YEAH RIGHT….now the insurance company want their people in Wellington to look at it. So now I have to get it back from Christchurch (the guy from the insurance company suggested I go and pick it up, a mere 5 hour drive, moron!) and then send it to Wellington for them to tell the insurance company its broken! Good Grief!!!! Mental note…change insurance companies!!! Honestly the stress is making me ill…I am tempted to say stuff em and go buy a new laptop but I really cant afford it at the moment. Excuse me while I curl into a ball and cry for a while….it doesn’t help that I have had an adverse reaction to something and feel totally awful, there are things I am not suppose to eat and obviously Steve’s  BBQ cooking is one, we had a BBQ last night and now I feel sick…oh joy!

on the upside and to cheer me up I did a layout yesterday, the 2nd non competition layout I have done this year. I based this one on the TUI billboards as it was based on the photo of the boys and their cousins having a few beers with the family at Mum’s birthday party last year. Steve thought it was very cool, high praise from a teenager huh? lol

I also did a bit of OTP, doing a Kaisercraft pen and ribbon holder for my desk. I will add photos for the latest projects when I finally get my own computer again. I dont like to upload photo’s to Steve’s computer. He’s at work today which is the only reason I can get my hands on his new laptop lol.

anyway I am off to investigate this Project 365 I have been hearing about, sounds interesting, is anyone else doing it?

have a great weekend



PS I forgot to mention, I hit the big 40 on Monday. seems to be a big deal to everyone but me. I am looking forward to going to lunch with Mum, Dad and the kids though, which has become a bit of tradition since we moved to Nelson. We are going to the Smokehouse in Mapua this time…YUM.


One thought on “Oh the Drama!!

  1. Hannah says:

    So sorry to hear about all the hassles you are having, I really hope you get your laptop fixed or get a new one soon. Insurance companies are great when everything goes to plan, but unfortunately that seems to be a rare event!

    Happy Birthday for Monday, too! I hope you have a lovely day and enjoy your family celebrations.

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