no laptop :(

My baby, my lifeline to the world, my own little slice of sanity, is had to go to the laptop hospital. It had a small problem, it wouldn’t start due to the power cable not connecting properly. I thought it was something a lot more serious so took it to the doctor. They called yesterday afternoon and gave me the diagnosis and have ordered a new cord for it and are going to put more ram in while its there. Should get it back tomorrow.

I am using Steve’s brand new laptop at the moment, he brought it with all his hard earned wages from his job at Payless, with a little help from Mum of course. Now he is showing off because he has the flashest new laptop in the house. and i do admit its a zappy wee machine.

Its soooo hot, my fingers and toes are all swollen with the heat and I am totally jealous of Katie who has been running around the house naked for 2 days now, shes so lucky…ohhhh to be 3 again 🙂 though she seemed happy to put on the cute wee dress I got her from the Pumpkin Patch sale the other day to go into town this morning. I noticed she stripped the moment we got home lol….I wouldn’t be so mean to the world as to run around naked….some things should be hidden lol…I might be losing weight but it will never ever be enough for me to do that hahahahaha!!!!!

well better finish checking mail and give it back to him. will be back online tomorrow hopefully.


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