camping and a new addition

so far the year has not impressed me at all. first off our camping trip got rained off. we spent New Years eve fighting sandflies and the rain. Ever tried to camp in the rain? not to recommended…we decided to go home first thing in the morning after getting up to more rain at 6am. By the time we actually left the sun had come out but the sandflies were still swarming. we did stop long enough to admire the log cabin that Mum and Dad’s friends are building. its amazing, its going to be so cool when its finished. I love the natural look of log cabins. They are going have the most amazing outlook across their farm, on top of a low hill with enough of a raise to have a 360 degree view that’s just so beautiful. the farm is were we went camping. it would have been lovely if it wasn’t for the rain and sandflies.

since we got home on Thursday we have had trouble with getting Katie back into routine. though she slept fine last night, she cuddled up next to me in bed, I have been sick for the last 2 days, at about 5pm and went straight into a deep sleep lol. Steve moved her into her own bed but she wet the bed at about 9ish so Mum put her back into bed with me were she cuddled straight back down and went to sleep again. She only woke once, and that was to go to the toilet then she went straight back to sleep until about 8 this morning. Now she has gone to Blenhiem with Mum and Dad to visit the latest addition to our family. My nephew and his girlfriend had a baby girl on New Years day, the first baby born in Marlborough for this year she’s famous already and doesn’t even have a name yet. I was so looking forward to meeting our wee angel girl but I am still sick so thought it best to stay home and recover. I just hope Dad takes lots oh photos so I can make them a mini album.

I have managed to get 2 more pages of my Emily Falconbridge mini album done since we got home from Maruia. I have another week to do 5 more pages, right now I haven’t got the strength to sit at my desk for long. Its taken me nearly 2 hours just to type this little bit. Admittedly I have been doing other things as well, like placing an order at Stampin Scrap they have a massive 40% off sale at the moment.

anyway time for some more codeine and a bit of a rest. hope the start of your year has been wonderful




One thought on “camping and a new addition

  1. Hannah says:

    So sorry to hear that you had to quit the camping trip 😦
    Yes, we have camped in the rain and I know it’s not much fun. But in summer I usually find that a day of rain is followed by a day of sun, so it can be worth persevering if you can. But it’s definitely tough with kids. We camped at Kai Iwi lakes one Easter when Ethan was 9 months old (and crawling!) and our tent was flooded, and it rained nonstop for 3 days. We came home early too!
    I hope you feel better, and that Katie soon settles back into a normal routine.

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