Happy New Year

I can’t believe another year has slipped by and its New Years eve yet again. we are heading away later today to go camping for a few days. Katie’s first camping trip! and the first time I have been camping in years, I am not a huge camping fan, my idea of camping is a nice motel with indoor plumbing and comfy beds. But we are off to Maruia to the farm of family friends for 3 days. I am going armed with a good book, MP3 player and plenty of sunscreen and bug spray lol. Though to be honest I don’t like the look of the clouds gathering. I definitely do not see the fun of camping if its going to rain, I remember childhood camping trips that ended in soggy tents and wet beds, and that is so not for me.

the upside of going to the farm is that the hot pools are only half an hour away! how blissful does a soak in the hot pools sound? I spent most of my teen years in Hanmer Springs and loved the hot pools there. I am looking on the positive on this camping trip, it will be fun….I hope 🙂

I am kind of glad the silly season is nearly over. It was uuummm, interesting, (that’s a nice way to put it lol) to have my sister and her family here for Christmas but believe me, 4 days was more than enough. I love my sister dearly but we never will share the close sister bond that so many sisters have. I always wished we could but my DS has always kept me at a distance and treated me like I was still the annoying little sister she’s had to tolerate all my life. add to that the fact she insists on having everything her own way and she is very opinionated and bossy lol. but still, she is my sister and although I don’t live up to her expectations and never will I still love her. I think it was a relief to us all when we watched their car go down the driveway. She is very hard work.

It was a very enjoyable Christmas day,Katie and Steve got spoilt by Santa, as they should lol. Katie loves her dollhouse and Steve loves his mobile phone and I love that they enjoyed their pressies so much. And also I love the MP3 player I brought myself for Christmas on Boxing day lol…its PINK!!

Aunty Wendy and her hubby Jim and son Taieri came out for lunch. We all ate far to much and spent the afternoon regretting it lol. it was a good day, very relaxed.

Of course I did take advantage of the boxing day sales a little, nothing major expect the MP3 player. Katie got some vouchers for Warehouse and brought a doll that makes all sorts of noises. Steve had to work for the 3 days after Christmas and has now finished working for Payless and will be looking for another part time job after we get back from camping.

And now things are almost back to normal I managed to make a start on the Stars in Their Eyes competition Emily Falconbridge mini book. I spent a few hours on it last night, its coming along nicely. more my own style than Emily’s but at least I am trying right?

anyway best I get moving, I haven’t even packed yet…so much to do! Have a very Happy and Safe New Year everyone.


V 🙂


One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. Hannah says:

    Glad to hear that you had a nice Christmas, Vicky. I hope you have a lovely camping trip – fingers crossed for sunny, dry weather! Enjoy the time of relaxation.

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