Still Here

I haven’t been very good at keeping this ol blog of mine up to date lately. Its been a very busy time. But I have finally got all the Christmas shopping finished, Katie’s birthday party organised and the final project for SBO’s Christmas challenge done. Not to mention lots of pressie wrapping and house cleaning.

Tomorrow is Katie’s 3rd birthday party, though her birthday isn’t until Monday. I thought a paddling pool party would be a lot of fun, but doesn’t look like the weather is going to agree with me. Taking this into account I also brought a few games and organised some indoor activities. The party is only for an hour and a half, I figured that’s long enough to a bunch of 2 and 3 year olds. Today I have to make her Cuppy Cake birthday cake, that should be fun, watch this space for photos later 🙂

I was totally wrapped how well my SBO house came out, considering I completely lost my mojo this week. It came back on Thursday and Mum took care of Katie so I could get it finished. I will share photos after the big reveal on Wednesday. the raffle draw for the MM Slice is on Wednesday too….wouldnt that be a great Christmas surprise?

Now that the competitions are over ,except Stars in their Eyes, I am going to do some scrapping for myself. I was going through my latest album the other day and out of 17 layouts only 2 were done just for the simple pleasure of scrapbooking. all the rest were competitions. I am not sure I want to carry on with the Stars in their Eyes comp though I do want to do the Emily Falconbridge mini album because I have some great ideas for that one. I will see how I feel after that. I have a few projects I want to do. I doubt I will get much done before Christmas, to much to do and Katie finishes preschool on Tuesday and my sister and her family arrive on Tuesday, I have a hairdressers appointment on Wednesday YAY…I am so sick of my hair so I have decided its all got to go, short and funky and a few foils to add a bit of colour. I cant wait!!!

right now the housework calls and I have to take Steve to work soon. So I better move, I think I need another cup of tea to get me moving this morning, its so wet and miserable outside and the damp gets into my joints and makes me sore but a cuppa fixes everything right….its the kiwi way lol.

have a great weekend all!




One thought on “Still Here

  1. Hannah says:

    I hope Katie enjoys her birthday party, and I look forward to seeing the photos. Wow, 3 years old already, it seems like not so long ago that she was a baby!

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