a sad week

Sorry I haven’t updated much this week. its been a hard week for our family. My Auntie Trisha, Dad’s youngest sister passed away after a battle with lung cancer. She was admitted to intensive care in New Plymouth on Saturday and passed away early on Wednesday morning.

Part of me still cant believe it, just a few weeks ago she underwent kemo and it looked like it had done the trick. Mum and Dad went up for the Tangi on Wednesday afternoon but I decided it was better for me to stay home, a Tangi is no place for a 3 year old, plus I don’t deal with funerals since Chris died.

its so unfair, she was only 50 years old and so full of life, always on the go, helping people and running around after the family. She sent me the funniest emails and kept in touch all the time through email and bebo. When Chris died she was right there looking after everyone and helping and that’s just the way she was. and everyone will miss her so much.

Its a sad week. and through it all, helping Mum and Dad get away and organising Jodi’s Christmas pressies so they could take them up to him and getting Steve to work, Katie to preschool and spring cleaning for Christmas I feel drained. I still haven’t recovered from being sick last week and I am just so tired and sad. Hopefully putting the Christmas tree up will drag me into the Christmas spirit. it better, I have to organise Katie’s 3rd birthday party for next weekend. I did pick up a Winnie the Pooh birthday kit from Spotlight today so that’s a start. Mum and Dad will be home on Monday so Mum will help, she’s on cake duty lol. and cupcake duty lol….At least a party will cheer this house up.

have a good weekend all….time to get missy to bed.




2 thoughts on “a sad week

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh Vicky, I’m so sorry to hear this news. My thoughts & prayers go out to you and your family at this sad time. May the wonderful memories of your auntie give you some comfort & help ease a little of the pain … and may you experience warm support & friendship from those around you, especially this close to Christmas.


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