Mama Mia and the dreaded lurgy

I brought Mama Mia about 2 weeks ago, took 4 days to find time to watch it and watched it again this afternoon. What a cool movie and its so good to see Merle Streep and Peirce Broson step out of their normally serious rolls. And who wouldn’t marry Peirce so suddenly? lol he is my dream man, handsome, charming, sexy and with strength and confidence that would make any woman swoon! ahhh if only such a man existed in real life! oh well, only in my dreams I suppose.

I do love a good musical and this has to be one of the best since Grease. its going to the top of my favourite DVD pile.

we have all been sick in our house, the dreaded lurgy, a stomach bug that’s had everyone vomiting and running to the loo, not nice. Mum and Dad had it, then Katie got it on Thursday, we were in town when she came down, and vomited in the car poor baby. Unfortunately we had appointments so couldn’t just take her home. she came right for a while then on the way home she was really sick, poor wee honey, she was crying and so upset and kept saying “ I sowwie Mummy” poor baby. When we got home she sort of came right but was still very quiet. on Friday she still wasn’t to well but came right after a long afternoon nap, then she was as right as rain but I came down with it yesterday morning, Mum yesterday afternoon and Steve when he got home from work at about 5ish (did I mention he was working at Payless Plastics?) everyone else was vomiting and running to the loo except me, I just couldn’t move without nausea and pain in my joints, it spread through my body and made me feel like curling into a ball and crying. then I had one cup of tea at about 9 last night away I went, I think I even threw up my toe nails lol, And of course since Katie slept the afternoon away she wasn’t tired last night, so it was 10pm before I got her to sleep. all the time I just wanted to sleep but alas I am a mum and its what we do right?

at least today, Katie and I are feeling better, the rest of the family are still sick, and now Dad’s down again too. Their all asleep which is the best thing for them, I have been trying to keep their fluids up but I am still very weak and headachy but the sooner that lot get better the sooner I can collapse and have time to get fully better too.

so much for going to the Christmas parade in Nelson tomorrow….cant see that happening. and poor ol Steve has to work tomorrow too. Hopefully a day sleeping today will set him right, seems to be a 24 hour thing. here’s hoping none of you come down with this bug, its awful

well I better go get everyone drinks and see if anyone wants to eat one has had

a decent meal for a few days. take care all, and stay well.


One thought on “Mama Mia and the dreaded lurgy

  1. Hannah says:

    Yep, loved that movie. I went to see it at the movies with my Mum (great movie to see with Mum, if ever there was one!) but then we hired the DVD a few weeks ago as Rob was keen to see what the fuss was about. He actually liked it too!
    I thought Meryl Streep was amazing. Didn’t like Pierce Brosnan’s singing at ALL, plus he’s way too old for my tastes … but still a great actor.

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