Ok so I cant say much about it but the “mystery” item for SBO Christmas competition, challenge 7, arrived today and OH WOW, I cant wait for this challenge to start! another week. still got another 2 challenges to go first, I have started challenge 5, but need to rethink, its not working out how I want. wonder what week 6 will be…I am really enjoy the challenges.

Now Scrapbox Christmas challenge has finished I don’t feel so under pressure, Only having SBO’s and Scrappin Patch’s Stars in their Eyes comp, which I really seriously need to get onto tomorrow.

this morning after I dropped Katie at preschool I started work on her dollhouse, cleaned it and sorted the furniture then Mum made a comment on how it would look cute if it had a little garden along the front. Ever scrapped a dollhouse? lol I can now say I have. I pulled out a pile of flowery rub-ons and stickers and we set to work putting flowers all over the front and sides lol. it looks so cute, there are cute flowers, bugs and bunnies all along the front and fairies and butterflies and frogs along the sides. She is so going to love it! I brought some little wooden dolls from trademe which should arrive this week and I am going to make little mattress, blankets and pillows for the beds and cushions for the couch and chairs. In Novembers SBO kit there was a pack of Lil Davis wooden frames which will be perfect for some pictures to put on the walls. I am having such a great time doing this dollhouse for her. And to make it even more exciting I know she will love it because when I went to pick her up from preschool she was sitting in a corner playing with a dollhouse and having a great time. She wanted to take it home lol….it was defiantly the right thing to get her.

so now….House is almost finished and I want to tidy up before bed so i hope you all have a wonderful night.




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