something to ponder


sent to me of course by my good friend Lynda, supplier of the best email jokes, image0022quotes and giggles available. and the caption read, “Does my bum look big in this?”  lol I just love Lynda’s quirky sense of humour, she never fails to send me something funny to brighten my day. we met in a chatroom nearly 10 years ago and have been email buddies ever since, even got to meet her when I went up to Auckland with another email buddies of ours. Never underestimate the power of the email buddy…they can be a real friend in times of need!!

I have to share something today….I am sick of making Christmas cards lol…’yesterday afternoon I spent hours making cards for week 4 of the Scrapbox Christmas challenge, and if I never see another card again it will be soon lol. you know how it is, you get the idea in your head but by the time the thing is made it doesn’t look like you think and your over it! lol….though it was fun making the DS cutfile which I will share next week once Julia has done the big reveal. I am up to date with all challenges except Stars in their eyes which I haven’t even started and don’t even know if I will have time. its going to be a busy weekend

This afternoon, in fact very shortly, I have to pick up Katie from preschool, drop some whitebait to a guy in stoke, take Steve into town to get some paint for his models, take him jandal shopping (he’s just had an ingrown toenail removed and needs to make sure it gets air) then stop in at spotlight to get some sheets for Katie’s bed before doing the groceries and coming home to cook tea, Mum is sick so I need to look after her, make sure Dad is feed so she doesn’t get stressed, honestly she fusses over him far to much lol…..then tomorrow we have the Santa parade in Richmond but before that I want to go into town to the Saturday Market to hunt for some interesting Christmas pressies for my sister and Jodi’s girlfriend. Then Sunday……..hmmmm there was something…cant remember……oh well it will come to me.

it makes me tired just thinking about it! and now I am wondering who as brave enough to put the bikini on the hippo lol and on that thought….gotta fly…time for that made afternoon to start sigh…wish me luck!


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