Great news….I managed to buy Katie a dolls house for Christmas off trademe for $31, what a bargain!!! and its just what I was after, she is going to love it. it needs a new hinge and a wee tidy up but I just cant wait to see her face when she unwraps it on Christmas morning, she is going to love it! she has a little plastic one at the moment that she plays with all the time but there is nothing like a good solid wooden dolls house, every little girl should have one. it was just luck that I managed to get it so cheap, the lady selling it accidently listed it for 24 hours instead of a week. how lucky for me!!

another Yah, Katie is finally in knickers full time, she doesn’t even need a night nappy any more and on Friday she had her first day at preschool in knickers and was good as gold, she has even given up her potty in favour of the big girls toilet. Even if I do have to race her to the toilet, every time I start heading in that direction she runs to beat me lol. but I am so proud of her, she is doing so well.

and yet another Yah, I sold Katie’s cot to a lovely couple from Golden Bay, they picked it up yesterday. it was a bit sad to see it go but its just another milestone passed. and the money can go toward Christmas pressies, I have got all Katie’s Christmas and Birthday pressies now so there is only a cell phone for Steve and something for Jodi, not sure what yet.

well that me, I am so tired after been up half the night with a sore neck and then an early morning visit from Miss Katie who decided to climb into bed with me at 3am. now I just want to curl in a ball and go to sleep lol. But I have things to do, I really need to put some thought into the new SBO Christmas challenge, making a Christmas decoration….I am so not good at that sort of thing, I made a centre piece for Scrapbox week 3 challenge and I hate it, it was done in a hurry and looks it. but I will come up with something….I am sure I will….hopefully lol….time to troll the net and see what I can find….hope you have all had a fantastic  weekend and good luck to everyone entering challenges this week 🙂


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