fun fun fun

I am having so much fun with these challenges, just finished my SBO week 3 one…and after uploading I took a wee peek at the message board…and guess what….the lovely Mrs Claus picked me to get a wee treat so big big thank you Mrs Claus and the SBO team…keep those challenges coming darling ladies, they are so much fun!

I totally love the layout I did for this weeks challenge. I have to share the

pix 008

journaling. I caught Steve on a study break and asked him what he wanted from Santa, after giving me the “don’t be stupid, I don’t believe in Santa” look this is what he said …..luckily I didn’t need to ask Katie….I already know what she wants…a Baby Alive Doll lol

so I finished the journaling by putting this down the bottom of the layout pix 010, somehow it just seemed right. my highly intelligent son has plans to take over the world….should I be worried about this or should I just report him to Superman or Batman? Hmmm bit of a worry….like he hasn’t got enough stress in his life, what with his first exam tomorrow…perhaps I should just put it down to exam stress lol….nutty kid! lol

well time to put DD to bed….happy pre Christmas all lol



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