New family member

meet our new family member, Baloo. pix 031 the scrapbooking cat lol…well she did discover my scrapbook room before any other room lol. we adopted her on Friday at the SPCA. she’s a friendly smoochy little lady and has just made herself completely at home. though she is still a bit wary of Katie, who just wants to love her…in true toddler fashion. but she was only desexed on Friday morning so is still a bit tender and doesn’t want to be carted around but a overly loving toddler. understandably so lol. She’s a wee beauty of a cat but been a bit neglected and has just weaned a litter of kittens so is very skinny and her fur is a bit dull but we will fix that. Steve conned me into going to the SPCA on Friday afternoon to “look” at the cats. I was not overly sure I wanted a cat,but I definitely didn’t want to go through the training of another kitten. Baloo is about a year old so no training is needed and she has settled in really well, already had a good explore outside and in and seems happy. and its nice to have a cat in the house though I’m not sure what Dad’s going to say, he is most definitely not a cat person lol…to bad for him! he will just have to handle it lol.

well I seem to be on top of the challenges, I have the SBO one for this week to be done, just uploaded the Scrapbox one and uploaded the Scrappin Patch one the other day. I have decided I will stick to those 3 at the moment. I am enjoying the challenge of all three but don’t think I want to take on any more than those. out of the 3 so far the Scrapbox ones have been the most challenging. Julia is very good at making us have to really think about a layout.  I have a fair idea what I am wk 1 -Gypsykategoing to do for this weeks SBO one. took me nearly all week to get to grips with how I wanted Julia’s challenge to look, I knew the photo I was using and the title but it was the pp’s I wasn’t sure on. but all in all I think it looks great. and now I can reveal last weeks one which I still love 🙂 its one of my very favourite layouts at the moment. All this scrapping is definitely filling my album. I managed to pick up another album, winnie the pooh this time, half price at Spotlight last week.

well I better go rescue poor baloo from Katie’s overwhelming affection again, hope your all having a great weekend




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