thinking of Christmas

did you know it was only 43 days until Christmas? scary how fast its come around this year isn’t it? I asked Steve the other day if he wanted a Christmas stocking this year, I thought he might be a bit old now and think it was childish, Picture 188he said he didn’t mind giving up his stocking so long as he still got all the lollies and other goodies that goes in it lol. I guess something’s you never really grow out of, and I have always tried to make the kids stockings as much fun as I could, filling them with lollies and silly wee toys, noise makers and poppers, its half the fun of Christmas isn’t it? those little traditions that make it special. Just like Mum always cooking enough food for a small army or Dad and the rest of the family males doing the dishes after Christmas dinner.

So speaking of traditions, I decided that would be my theme for the 2nd Scrapbox Christmas challenge. the challenge is to do a Christmas layout with non traditional colours. So i thought, a traditions layout with non traditional colours would work. So now I have two layouts on the go Scrappin Patch has kicked off the Stars in Their Eyes competition with Nic Howard handy that huh? lol, I have got my one all laid out in the top of a pizza box, the Scrapbox one is laid out in the top part of the pizza box lol, how’s that for organisation?

so once i get madam off to bed I am free to finish off one and start the next. I really am trying to keep ahead of these challenges but it might be a bit harder now Steve has finished school and Mum and Dad come home next week. With everyone around during the day I wont have as much time.

right now, time to put DD to bed and steal some scrap time.



2 thoughts on “thinking of Christmas

  1. Hannah says:

    I think most of us would love to keep getting a Christmas stocking – we’re all big kids at heart! 🙂
    Have fun scrapping, and good luck with the competition.

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