SBO Christmas challenge

This weeks SBO challenge was to make 3 Christmas cards. I am so not a card maker but gave it a shot. I checked the rules and there is nothing there about not pix 005posting pictures of the challenge on your blog so here is a pic of my cards.

this was my first proper attempt at card making. I tried to make some Christmas cards last year but the first one was such a disaster that I screwed it up and went and brought some lol. But amazingly enough these 3 took me less than an hour to put together. and of course I didn’t think to use my cuttlebug until the last one, the red one. bit slow but i made them last night and i was really tired.

I have been really tired a lot lately, must remeber to go for my monthly blood test tomorrow, i am only 2 weeks overdue for it lol. My doctor is gonna tell me off!! again lol. nothing new about that.

I am nearly finished this weekends friday night challenge from sketchbook Using bling? geee what a hardship lol….I LOVE BLING!!! I better go get it finished now before I start doing the veges for tea, roast tonight yum yum!

hope everyone has had a fab weekend.




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