history making day

Politics are very hard to ignore no matter how hard you try but today is a big day in history with O’Bama being elected president of the US. I wonder what big changes this will bring, hopefully a lot more positive than what Bush has done.

It will be interesting to see what happens in our own politics this weekend. Here’s hoping we don’t face 3 years of John Keys, honestly that guy scares me, bad things will happen if he gets in, I just know it. The man is not to be trusted. When you get right down to it, no politician is to be trusted lol but there is something about that man, he’s devious and he lies.

pix 010 anyway enough of the politics, it depresses me. on a happy note. look what I got in the mail today. the Prima Paintables Class kit from Nic Howard. and it is awesome! I am tempted to put it away until all these challenges are finished but reality is I wont be able to resit lol. I get to colour in lol.

All these challenges going on are really great, so far the biggest challenge is the one from Scrapbox doing a layout for less than $10. I have never tried to price out a layout before. But I am sort of prepared, I even cleaned my scrapbook room up. I have ordered a Storybook cricut cartridge from Scrapbooking by Design as an early Christmas present for myself.

anyway time to go get this girl in the bath and off to bed. I am sore and tired today so might have an early night.

have a good night all


2 thoughts on “history making day

  1. Hannah says:

    Definitely a history-making day in the US. I will be watching with interest to see what things change now that Obama is President.

    As for our election, it’s all a wee bit depressing. Soooo much in-fighting and mud-slinging, I really tire of it. It’s the first year I’ve been unsure of my vote this late in the game – I know now, but to be honest the choices are not overly great!! Ah well, it will soon be over.

    The class kit looks yum – good luck hiding that away!!!

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