I have been really luck this week. here are the goodies I got from Scrappin Patch pix 008for winning the Friday night challenge at Sketchbook. I got the Scrappin Patch newsletter last night and now I have joined the new forum, entered the Star in  their eyes competition and sent an email to apply for the design team call lol…I actually just sent a link to my flickr gallery to save bogging their email down with a heap of jpegs. I upload every layout I photograph there anyway and that’s nearly all of them lol. I was going through the latest album and all but one of the layouts was for a challenge lol. that’s 1 out of 16 layouts lol. I am a challenge junkie!

the other goodies I received this week is a t-shirt and certificate from Trademe for pix 007 reaching the magic figure of 500 positive feedbacks. The t-shirt is a size or two to big which makes it perfect for a sleep shirt lol. In fact I am wearing it now, still in my jammies lol…its Saturday…and I am having a lazy day. Plus I have the beginnings of a cold, oh yay! the spring colds are almost as bad as summer colds…poor wee Katie has been coughing and sniffling all night…I thought it might be hay fever but not so sure now. there is an amazing amount of pollen in the air at the moment, we have all been struck by hay fever this year, and I don’t normally get it.

all in all its been a good week though, Katie has settled into preschool, I got more Christmas shopping done and its another week closer to Mum and Dad coming home and Steve’s exams which pretty much coincide.

and now its time for me to get moving. Steve wants me to take him to meet his friends in Richmond. I cant wait til he gets his restricted license and a car lol…but first..he needs to get a job.

enjoy your weekend one and all. and i hope all those at scrap camp this weekend spare a thought for all of us that couldn’t go lol….enjoy




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