good day!

Today has been a really good day. Katie’s first day at Pre-school went really well. In fact she dismissed me after 5 minutes lol. I thought I would be there for a while so didn’t plan anything but no, when I told her I would leaving soon she just said “bye Mummy” and started playing lol, I did get a kiss though. And when I went to pick her up she was happy as can be, painting and running around. The only way I managed to get her out of there without tantrums was by promising she could come back on Friday lol. And I didn’t even get any photos of her first day thanks to flat camera batteries. Mum even remembered to call to see how it went 🙂 they will be home in 3 weeks…something else to look forward to 🙂

Since she didn’t need me I consoled myself by going shopping lol. New underwear always makes a girl feel better. I even managed to get a wee bit of Christmas shopping done though I have almost finished shopping for Katie’s birthday and Christmas, her birthday is 3 days before Christmas, I have to be organised for both. I have Steve’s all planned and got Mum and Dad’s so just Jodi and his girlfriend to go. How organised am I? Ever since Katie was born I found I have to be super organised instead of leaving it till the last minute like I use to lol.

pix 006while I was shopping I brought myself a little something cute for my scraproom. Wee funky cats, arent they cute? very bright and colourful.

and so exciting I won the Friday night challenge at Sketchbook I am so wrapped, how cool is that? Me who never wins anything has had 3 wee wins this week, I won $98 on lotto, a trademe t-shirt for getting to 500 positive feedbacks (who, me? addicted to trademe? never…YEA RIGHT!) and now this…must be my lucky week! and here is the winning layout, the pix 003photo is one of my favourites, my angel girl and me playing. I don’t even know who took the photo, Steve probably. and I just brought the buttons last week from spotlight, oddly enough Katie chose them lol.


I feel much more positive this week than I have for a while now, I think getting all it out there has done me a lot of good. that and the fact the weather has improved so dramatically, sunshine always makes one feel better.

and now, since I have been inspired by my win I think I will spend a little time in my scrapbook room fluffing lol. Have a good night all, hope you all had a fab weekend.





One thought on “good day!

  1. Hannah says:

    I’m so glad Katie had a good first day at preschool! It’s hard when they don’t “need” you, but nice when they don’t cry for you not to leave!
    Love those cute cats 🙂
    Congrats on all your wins – you’re on a roll!

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