look what Tim’s done now

ok anyone in the scrapbook world knows when you say Tim its Tim Holtz your referring too. and look what he has done now….Distress Stickles, I am not big on the distressed look normally but I love the look of these things. might have to make another Tim investment lol.

today…day one of labour day and what did I do? well I took Steve to pick up his much anticipated copy of Fable II, he’s been waiting for this game to come out for almost a year so he is a happy wee camper. then we did the grocery shopping, checked last weeks lotto tickets, I won $98 YAY! and then came home because by then I was feeling more than a little wobbly. I spent the rest of the day on the couch alternating between napping and reading and cuddling up with Katie. I have been feeling really run down and sore the last few weeks and its caught up on me. and I know the best thing I can do is rest.

As a result…I have nothing exciting to tell you. I have been planning a new layout but only in my head so far. I really want a go at making these wee Yo-yo thingies and using them on a layout. And I have a few new sketches I want to have a go at. Wont be today though. maybe tomorrow if I am feeling better.

hope you are all having a fab labour weekend.




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