my turn

read Hannah’s answers to this the other day and felt the need to join in

Where is your cell phone? in either my bag or the car or possibly under the couch cushion, I don’t keep track of it very well, i dont like it lol

Where is your significant other?  Chris died 4 years ago

Your hair colour?  this week, auburn red, next week maybe more brownish, naturally, grey

Your mother? Is in Haast whitebaiting

Your father? see above lol…their always together 🙂

Your favourite thing?  since my family arent things I would have to say my laptop and scrapbook stuff and vast book collection

Your dream/goal? To win the battle against RA, and lose the weight RA has given me

The room you’re in? my bedroom

Your hobby? Scrapbooking and reading scifi/fantasy books

Your fear?  anything happening to my kids

Where do you want to be in 6 years?  HEALTHY!

Where were you last night? why? what have you heard? lol…home of course

What you’re not? Slim, fit and happy

One of your wish-list items?  To be all the things I am not

Where you grew up?  Golden Bay, Temuka, Hanmer Springs, all over the show lol

The last thing you did?  blog hopped and answered emails. Been sick in bed all day and getting bored

What are you wearing?  my froggy PJ”S

Your TV? broke down last night….just before the end of Shorty St…grrr….it flickered a few times and then just switched off…Just as well there are 4 TV’s in this house

Your pet?  4 gold fish named pish (named by Katie when she was 1) and a canary named You. Going to be adding a new baby to that soon, in the form of a kitten when I can find one

Your computer? A Toshiba satellite and my lifeline!

Your mood?  sad and tired

Missing someone? Chris and Jodi

Your car? Nissan Mistral and my baby 🙂

Something you’re not wearing? You don’t want to know lol

Favourite shop? Book shop and Warehouse, and of course Spotlight.

Love someone? My family and my friends

Your favourite colour? Pink, Purple, Black and chocolate brown

When is the last time you laughed? just before when I was watching Katie try not to fall asleep while she was lying next to me….

Last time you cried? Tuesday when I found out my Auntie has cancer


One thought on “my turn

  1. Hannah says:

    I too hope that you will be healthy & pain-free in 6 years … I strongly believe in the amazing advances in medicine and science, especially in the area of chronic pain, so I have hope that you WILL find this relief. You totally deserve it.

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