Ever had one of “Those Weeks”

I am desperately trying to find my happy place. Have you seen it? its been one of those weeks already, its only Wednesday…where is my wahoot??

Today started badly and got worse then turned to nothing! Today started in the very early hours, I kept waking up because of the throbbing pain in my left shoulder. It wasn’t there when I went to bed. But then when I went to bed but I think it was a result of having to grab Katie in a hurry when she tried to get run over yesterday. Ever tried to stop a 20kg toddler in full flight with one hand? yea not something to be recommended, especially when you have rheumatoid arthritis. So bad start, then I woke to rain, another thing to moan about. I went to the doctor and apparently acting like a brake for madam has pulled all the tendons around the joint in my shoulder. Oh YAY

and to add to that, I am beyond tired lately. Katie has been full on, I am run down and worn out and need a break! why was it so much easier when the boys were this age? maybe it has something to do with being in my 20’s and healthy, not knocking on 40’s door and trying to cope with this damn disease 

pix 076She maybe full on but she never fails to make me laugh. Yesterday we were in the $2 shop and she picked up a pirate hat and put it on and was walking around the shop going “Arrrghh” like a pirate she saw on TV lol….then she picked up a toy devils pitchfork and was telling everyone she was Pirate Debil Katie lol. She has a mad sense of humour.  Last night she was running around with a potty on her head.

Steve’s interview at EB Games went well despite being put back 2 hours, he wont know if he got it until next week but he was pleased with his first interview.

I had some bad news yesterday, My Auntie has lung cancer. She called yesterday, it was only picked up last week and it was a real shock. And all she wants is to talk to her big brother, my dad, who of course is still in Haast and out of contact. But I managed to get a message to him through some family friends that live down there and he rung her last night. He’s going to take it really hard, Auntie Trish is his baby sister, the youngest of his huge family of 14. He has already lost 3 of his siblings to cancer.  It’s not fair, why does it get the good ones? I love my Auntie, she’s always smiling and happy and supportive. When Chris died she jumped in to support me and help with all the people coming and going, making sure everyone was feed and had a place to sleep. She’s a brilliant lady and I just hope she can survive this.

well I am sore as hell and had enough of today so I am going to take my book and the cup of tea Steve just made me and curl up in bed. Maybe, Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.

night night all




One thought on “Ever had one of “Those Weeks”

  1. Hannah says:

    Heck yeah, I’ve had weeks like those! But I’m sure my complaints are nothing compared to you having to cope with your RA. I’m so sorry that you’ve been in pain and finding it hard to handle. I really do hope that today (tomorrow) is a better day for you.
    So sorry to hear about your auntie as well. That’s really sad 😦

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