I finally did it

I have finally listed Katie’s cot on trademe. check it out here She’s been out of it for a while and its not like I am ever going to have another baby. I was going to put away for the boys babies but they may never give me grandbabies (they better lol) and it might as well get some use with another baby or 10 lol. I will be sorry to see it go though….it means the end of Katie’s babyhood and I don’t want her to grow up to quick! But she is almost 3 and definitely doesn’t need a cot any more. I’ve already given her highchair to my nephew for his baby and she doesn’t use her pushchair much any more. why do they have to grow up so fast?

It has suddenly dawned on me lately that its only just over a year before Steve flies the coop…he wants to join the Airforce which I have no doubt he will do, He’s a very determined young man and when he wants something he works hard to get it. Actually EB games just called, he has an interview there tomorrow after school. He has wanted a part time job for ages but its hard being so far from anywhere, there isn’t many jobs in Wakefield for teenagers. So I finally relented and let him apply for jobs in Richmond. This will be his first interview! another of my babies growing up [tear]

I did a layout for the Sketchbook SBO fortnightly challenge on Saturday, thanks to Hannah by the way for her encouragement and positive feedback. getting a comment from Hannah always makes me feel better. And I really love the photo I used for the layout of Jodi and Katie, see it here the photo was taken last year when Jodi first came home from New Plymouth. doing this layout made me miss him even more. feels like forever since he went back up north.

Doesn’t look like he will be coming home any time soon, he’s just been offered a bakers apprenticeship so it looks like he will be staying in New Plymouth permantly,. Oh well looks like I will have to make a trip to see him, and maybe catch up with a few friends while I am there Don’t Picture 044know when it will be, maybe for his birthday in Feb. and I say again, why do they have to grow up so fast? oh and for those that don’t know, Jodi is my eldest son, he is almost 20 and lives with his girlfriend Tracy in our former home town of New Plymouth.That’s him on the right. Handsome bugger isn’t he lol….of course I only make beautiful babies 😉

talking of beautiful babies I better see what the mini monster wants. enjoy the rest of your Monday all




2 thoughts on “I finally did it

  1. Hannah says:

    Aww, your baby is growing up! I remember having a twinge of sadness when we sold Tyler’s cot. But I guess there’s no point keeping things you don’t need … and you can always buy another one for the grandbabies when they arrive 🙂
    Love the layout you’ve done for the Sketch Challenge – and you are right, your boys are very handsome!

  2. janine says:

    Wow, go you for making that move. Why dont you take a photo of it to scrap, I think it would make a great layout. Was reading your post a few back about challenges and winning etc. I get what your saying, but I look at challenges now as me having a chance to show others what I can do, If I win anything then thats a bonus. Good luck Steve with your interview.

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