And the winner is…

Not me again lol…..the winner of the Sketchbook SBO fortnightly challenge that ended on the 15th was Lynne, with her On A Mission layout and well deserved too, its a great layout but I still love my one, in fact its one of the best layouts I have ever done. Still not a winner but then I never win anything so that’s no surprise. So what do I do now? Do the next fortnightly challenge of course…just because I never win doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy taking part and after all that’s what its all about. Disappointed? yes…Put off? hell no! and not only that, I can SBO sketch 15 Oct-Vicky Mullenscraplift some of the ideas off Lynne’s layout lol….and that’s another part of the fun!

I went back to The Scrapbook Shoppe today. They had 35% off everything today, I think today is their last day. I got a few more bits of PP, some stickers, MM ribbons and MM paints. I seem to be going through a lot of paint since Katie discovered that it was fun to paint while I am scrapbooking….turns out its only fun for her, I get to clean up the mess lol….I need to get her a little stash of her own I think….While we were in Richmond we also got her a little treat for being such a good girl and going to the potty (she did number 2s this morning without even being asked, I am so proud!) so now we have another Barbie doll, she can be such a girly girl lol…I love it! we also picked Steve up a Family Guy T-shirt at Jay Jay’s. I don’t like it but its his favourite program and the T-shirt is so HIM lol.

It was a very exhausting day in Richmond, its a lot of work taking Miss Madam shopping when she wants to go where she wants to go and I need to go in the opposite direction lol….I have so much trouble picking her up, she’s so heavy and it hurts me to carry her so I have to have a lot of patients lol…something that was thin on the ground by the time we left the mall and headed for Countdown. By then she was tired and I was grumpy but we gotta eat so to the supermarket we went. And shock of all shocks, she sat in the cart and was pretty much good all the way around. Miracles will never cease lol. We managed to get in and out in just over half an hour with only one broken egg and one small tantrum. And we were home in plenty of time to pick Steve up from the bus with one small person sound asleep in her car seat lol.

well its that time again, time for me to go poke myself with a sharp needle lol…I have a love/hate relationship with my Humira injection. I love the fact it helps me so much but I hate taking it. But what’s 5 minutes pain every 2 weeks compared to the amount of pain and lack of mobility I had before I started taking it. and I have been on it a year now and am use to injecting myself. So now I am just waiting for it to warm a little bit, its got to be stored in the fridge and I have to wait for half an hour after I take it out of the fridge to warm enough to take without it hurting heaps.

anyway time I went and did the deed and finish dinner.

have a good night all….I plan to spend a little time in my scraproom working on the latest Sketchbook fortnightly challenge. I am in the creative zone at the moment and want to go with it. btw my Dad got his mini album i made him for his birthday the other day and he loves it! i was rapted.

bye all….the injection box is staring at me telling me time is up! lol



2 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. lynne1 says:

    Just have a peek at your fab blog, and also wanted to say how much I loved your LO for sktechbook challenge. I just adored the pictures of your wee cutie in it. Gorgeous colours. Thank you for the mention of me (blushes madly).
    Normally its me lifting ideas of everyone else. When everyone is so good its a waste not too.

  2. Hannah says:

    Vicky, as one of the judges for this competition I can tell you now that your layout was definitely one of the top votes. It was a close one and a hard decision, but yours was a stand-out. So PLEASE do not be upset or discouraged, okay?!

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