This is me

I did something highly unusual today…a layout of me….yes you read that right lol….I don’t do it often, in fact since I completed a BOM 3 years ago I have only done 2 layouts of me….I don’t like being in front of the camera lol…do any of us? But my DS took these a few weeks ago at the park and I wanted to try a few different techniquespix I have seen and thought these photos would do for an experiment. I used fabric and my trusty sewing machine (the pink flowery and purple starry background layers) then some Love Elsie pp, some Queen & Co felt and the Bella chipboard letters I got from Spotlight on Monday as well as some MM ones from my stash. The 3 wee birds represent my 3 DK’s and are American Craft  chipboard that I got from The Scrapbook Store closing down sale last week and a couple of sweet wee frames from MM. I am not sure its finished yet…or maybe it is…that’s half my problem….I don’t know when to stop lol….I really enjoyed the stitching part. I use to real enjoy sewing until I started sewing with my friend Kelli from up in New Plymouth….She is a perfect sewer and I am not that great and it put me off, everything she made came out perfect and everything I made came out terrible so I stopped. I leave the real sewing around here to Mum lol…she’s good…she should be….my grandmother and great aunts were all tailors and milliners (hat makers lol) and taught Mum from the time she could hold a needle. Wish they had of been around when I was growing up.

I did manage to fix the small rip in Katie’s doll stroller which I tripped over the ripped months ago while the machine was out. it was one those round to it jobs lol. I might have to find somewhere I can leave  the machine set up, I really like the stitched effect on layouts.

Exciting news….Katie has finally got the whole potty concept 🙂 she has been really good the last few days. She finally got the link between sitting on the potty and it being filled lol. She thinks she’s so clever now except this morning while I was out of the room she decided to go potty but didn’t think to take her pants off first lol….oh well….we will get there…every time she goes is a step closer to no nappies! ohhh how I look forward to that day. But it also means she wont be my baby any more. 😦 she will always be my angel though

well best go pick up Steve from the bus, looks like its going to rain soon.

enjoy the rest of your day



2 thoughts on “This is me

  1. Hannah says:

    Good on you for doing a BOM layout! It’s so colourful and fun 🙂
    Well done Katie on the toilet training, it sounds like she is doing really well with it.

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